Wooden Table Hockey Winner Games Interactive

Size: Size L with box
Sale price$47.99


Fast Sling Puck Game Paced Wooden Table Hockey Winner Games Interactive Chess Toys for Adult Children Desktop Battle Board Game
Product name: Table hockey fast sling puck game
Material: wooden Accessories: 10 pieces Number of players: 2 Size:3 size as shown
Specifications: suitable for ages 4 and up, regular adult
Package: with box
Gameplay: Each team is divided into 5 pieces. Hold your fingers on the pieces and pull them back with rubber bands. Release your fingers to eject the pieces forward. Aim at the hole and shoot through the hole to the opponent. If you completely occupy the opponent, you can take 3 2 Win system. Proper interaction with parents is an artifact for friends and family to decompress and entertain. A fast and exciting game of chess, always ready for your hand


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