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Wireless car vacuum cleaner portable with handheld

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Color : white, black
Special Features: handheld for car home dual-use
Material Type: plastic
Item Width: 6cm
Item Weight: 560g
Item Type: Vacuum Cleaner
Item Length: 36.5cm
Item Height: 6m
Brand Name: TOMULE

Model has two colors

black and white

High RPM copper motor,avoiding excessive temperature while maintaining long-lasting suction

Eapture debris and articles as 0.3 microns , easily pick up pet hair , food reside , dust particlea , sand , liquikls

To give your house/car/office a thorough clean

3 Nozzles for Wet and Dry use

1,Connection Nozzle ,for general cleaning & as a connector for the other 2 nozzles

2.Crevice Nozzle, to clean corners ,crevices, gaps and hard-to-reach areas

3.Dusting Brush ,for soft ,lrregular Surface, to clean pet hair and human hair

Soot butts,Small gravel inside the foot pad ,Snack crumbs ,Soot butts ,Small gravel inside the foot pad ,Spilled beverage water

Two models,

1.Dual-use wireless charging model for home and car
2.For car use only, choose car model