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Trim Puller - Home Wood Siding Flooring Tile Remodeling Moulding Baseboard Skirting Board Removal Tool

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Usage: Renovation Team

Type: Other

Origin: CN(Origin)

Material: Stainless Steel

Brand Name: Teaglede

  • Made from durable, heat-treated steel, it is sure to last a long time and the handle absorbs any vibration and will not hurt your hand.

  • Large contact area distributes force and will not put a hole in your drywall, 15 degree wedged center for easy extraction of trim and baseboards.

  • Doesn't damage drywall or trim/materials, integrated center wedge does the job for you, works faster and with less tools.

  • Use to remove tile, flooring and other materials, no shim or board spacer needed. Twisting action works best, use a hammer to drive the Trim Puller downward between the trim and wall.

  • Hangable Hand Multi-function Home Improvement Wood Tile Trim Molding Removal Tool with Socket Wrench.

Trim Puller

Save your trim, baseboards and walls from damage.

The Trim Puller is a new tool for quickly and safely removing baseboards, trim, molding (or moulding), tile, wood panels and floors, chair railing, carpet tack strip and more, without damaging the materials you are removing so you can reuse them and, more importantly, without damaging your drywall.

Unique Features:

15 degree integrated center wedge

Automatically begins the removal of trim, baseboard, tile, wood floor or other materials with ease. It does the work for you!

3 contact points

Large, flat contact area distributes the force and prevents damage to drywall, sheetrock or other materials.

EPDM handle absorbs vibrations

EPDM handle absorbs vibrations from hammering on the metal. Won't hurt your hand like a crow bar. EPDM stands up great to all weather, heat, ozone and is insulating also.

How To Use:

Step 1

Use a utility knife or painters 5-in-1 tool to score the top of seam where the trim meets the wall. This will prevent tearing the paint from the wall.

Step 2

Position the Trim Puller's front face against the wall with the sharp edge on the seam where trim meets the wall. For best results start at the end of baseboard strip.

Step 3

Strike the top of the Trim Puller with a hammer or hard mallet, driving the Trim Puller between the trim and the wall. The wedge will begin to separate the trim from the wall automatically.

Step 4

Once the Trim Puller is wedged between the trim and wall, gently pry the trim away from the wall in a twisting motion creating a gap of approximately 4 to 8 inches. Repeat steps 2-4, moving the Trim Puller along the wall in 12 inch increments or as needed. The gap will increase with each pull until removed.