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Tree Of Life Orgone Pyramid

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Tree Of Life Orgone Pyramid Amethyst Peridot Healing Crystal Energy Orgonite Pyramid Emf Protection Meditation Tool


Material: Olivine, crystal crushed stone, resin, copper wire
Color: yellow/purple/blue
Size: 5*5*5cm


1. Handmade Orgone Pyramid: Made of resin, chip crystal stones, copper wire and copper powder, the exterior of this handmade stone pyramid is a resin model, and the interior is a luxuriant hand wrapped wire Peridot stone money tree growing on the Tiger's Eye tumbled stone ground, it is a very beautiful Orgonite energy generator. Since the stones and resin are from nature, each handmade artwork will have a slightly difference.

2. Crystal Pyramid Energy Generator: Pyramid can gather and purify the energy in the universe and then send it out. Peridot is a stone of wealth, wrapping a Peridot money tree in the pyramid will help you attract more positive energy and wealth. The chip crystals at the bottom of the pyramid convert the negative energy into positive energy and release it through the point at the top, this has a remarkable effect on balancing Chakra , healing reiki, purifying and uplifting the personal energy aura!

3. Home & Office & Fengshui Decoration: The gemstone pyramid is an excellent decoration option for your office, home, dining table, desk, etc., it can reduce the impact of the negative energy generated by computers, TVs and other home appliances on the human body. When used as a FENGSHUI decoration, it can enhance the positive atmosphere of the family, and placing it at the head of your bed can also give you a sweet dream.

4. Energy Stone Gift: Pyramid with crystal money tree can bring good luck and fortune. make it a perfect gift for yourself, your best friends and your parents to express your love and blessings on Thanksgiving Day, Christmas, Mother's day, Father's day, Valentine's day, Birthday, or any other special occasion.

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Package Included:
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