Tablet Stylus Pen for Apple iPad pro 11 12.9

Colors: Active and Passive
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Tablet Stylus Pen for Apple iPad pro 11 12.9 2020 Air Mini 5 Anti-mistouch iPad Pen for Apple Pencil 2 1 iPad Pen Pro


Material: Aluminum alloy+Plastic
Material: plastic
Length: 16.5cm
Color: white

Smooth writing gives you the same experience as the original

1、Palm rejection on the full screen
2、No Bluetooth, no app, Smooth writing on iPad
3、Accurate and No Delay, grab your inspiration
4、Tilt it to change line widths
5、A detachable and replaceable pin
6、1 hour charging and 8.5 hours working

The Same Touch as the Original
The original pen tip gives you the same writing experience
Integrated Design, Better Signals
The integrated pen tube was made by improving and enhancing signals

Thick and Thin, You're In Control
1、Vertical 90°
Annotation-Precise strokes can be used to write small characters.
2、Vertical 60°
Notes-Touch sensitive, write as you want.
3、Vertical 45°
Painting-Multiple angles to stimulate creativity. Different scenes can be easily handled.

Accurate and No Delay
1、Baseus New Capacitive Stylus:Write smoothly
2、Old Capacitive Stylus:Easy to disconnect
Palm Rejection on the Full Screen Write and Draw Freely
*Only the active pen tip has anti-mistouch function
The passive pen tip does not have anti-mistouch function

Active + Passive Tip Version
Active + Passive tip version includes both active and passive tip.
Passive tip works like human fingers, it can be used in capacitive screen device like smart phone. But it doesn't have tilt sensor and palm rejection function.
Notice: Active pen tip does not work on smartphone!

A Detachable and Replaceable Pin
Keep the pen and change the worn pen tip.

Replace the Active Pen Tip
1. Unscrew the old nib counterclockwise
2. Screw the new nib clockwise
3. Nib replacement complete
Replace the Passive Pen Tip
1. Pull out the passive pen tip
2. Remove the conductive fabric tip and install a new one
3. Put back the passive pen tip
4. Pen tip replacement complete
Fine Texture
A lightweight pen with matte surface is better for writing for a long period of time.

Never Lose Your Pen Again
The magnetic design of the stylus matches the original magnetic port of tablets.
Your pen will be attached firmly via strong attraction force.

Ready to Use
Ready out of the box. No need to connect wireless or install an app.

*If using in place of Apple pencil, please first disconnect Apple pencil from wireless before pressing stylus key to use.

Can be used continuously for 8.5 hours
130mAh battery, standby time for 12 months,
for uninterrupted use.

A Type-C Charging Port

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