Silicon Automatic Ultrasonic Baby Brush Teeth

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Electric Toothbrush for Kids U-shaped Smart 360 Degrees Silicon Automatic Ultrasonic Teeth Brush Cute Cartoon for Children


 "Now my son likes brushing his teeth and can do it all by himself" - Candance
 "AutoBrush has made my life as a parent soo much easier & has made Arabella love brushing her teeth!❤️
 "Amazing change from Kenzo crying every time I brush his teeth to him actually enjoying and doing it himself🙌"
 "Never has teeth brushing been so fun and full of giggles at our house until AutoBrush came along." 
 "One of Shane favorite time of the day with @theautobrush. They make it so fun for kids to actually want to brush." - Maya
Parents are RAVING abo.

✔️The AutoBrush - and so are their kiddos 🤩 Create better habits with AutoBrush Pro: Kids, the toothbrush kids WANT to use:
✔️ Nylon brush heads include up to 25,000 bristles - equal to 10 toothbrushes in 1 ✔️ Makes brushing FUN for the whole family
✔️ Prevents user error by brushing all surfaces of your teeth at once in 60 seconds ✔️ Utilizes ADA-approved BASS technique
✔️ Strawberry & bubblegum flavors are perfect for picky pallets


Material : Silicone
Item Type: Electric Toothbrush
Age Group: Children 0 -  7 Years
IPX7 waterproof whole body washable, prevents water droplets from immersing inside the fuselage.
Multiple modes, one-key start. Removes up to 7x more plaque vs. a manual toothbrush
Charging 1 time, brushing teeth for 15 day
 2 min smart timing, divide the mouth into 4 areas, each area for 30 seconds.2 minutes end brushing reminder to develop a brushing habit recommended by a dentist (one suggested the best brushing period)
36,000 vibrations per minute, plaque and calculus have nowhere to hide


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