Round Ice Ball Maker

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A round ice ball maker is a device that is designed to make perfectly round ice balls for use in drinks. These devices typically consist of two halves that are filled with water and then frozen. When the ice is ready, the two halves are separated to reveal a perfectly round ice ball.

There are several benefits to using round ice balls in drinks. One of the main benefits is that they melt slower than traditional ice cubes, which means that they can keep a drink cool without diluting it as quickly. This is particularly important for drinks that are meant to be sipped slowly, like whiskey or other spirits.

Round ice balls are also visually appealing and can add an extra touch of elegance to a drink. They are often used in high-end bars and restaurants to elevate the presentation of cocktails and other drinks.

There are several different types of round ice ball makers available, ranging from simple molds that can be placed in the freezer to more complex machines that can produce multiple ice balls at once. When choosing a round ice ball maker, it is important to consider factors like size, ease of use, and durability.

The ice hockey product produced is round and smooth and lovely, making the ice hockey with the appearance level.
The transparent box body is made of high-quality PP material, and the black cover is made of silica gel.

After the ice mold is closed, fill with water, close the lid and cool down to make the puck. The operation is simple.
The mold can be opened easily, quickly, and effortlessly, and the homemade puck can be easily detached and easily accessible.


  • Make healthy, chilled snacks with your favorite juices, fruits, sports drinks, or fun-shaped liquids.
  • Ball Shaped Ice Moulds are perfect for making homemade popsicles to fill with your favorite juices, sodas, or other mixes you want.
  • Perfect for cooling your handmade pastries, fruit bars, ice-cold coffee, etc. Melt slowly, perfect for refrigerating drinks for long periods of time.
  • It is easy to fill, ice does not spill when placed in the refrigerator, and is easy to clean.
  • The unique appearance of spherical ice, perfect for iced tea, lemonade and more.
  • Solid plastic structure, leakproof design. Non-stick mold, suitable for cake mold, chocolate mold, fruit Popsicle, etc.
  • The overall shape is very simple about beautiful, practical and convenient, simple to use.


  • 45G
  • Approx 23*6.5* 5.5 cm /9.06*2.56*2.17 inch
  • ice hockey mold x1 
  • transparent
  •  PP+ silica gel


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