Rechargeable Crystal Night Light USB

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A design that fits into any room of your home.
Use your lamp to decorate a room, illuminate a meal or use it as a bedside lamp. Thanks to its slim design and its height of 26 cm, it can be placed in various places.

Lampe design tactile de chez Yuwilight

Easy to use thanks to the touch switch.
Thanks to the wireless mode, you can place your lamp wherever you want. Just turn your lamp on or off with the touch switch.

USB charging
The lamp can be easily recharged via a USB cable (included). To take full advantage of 12 hours of battery life, we recommend a minimum charge time of 4 hours.

Adjusting the tone
By pressing the touch switch, the light changes from white to neutral or warm. This way you can better define the mood of your room.

Intensity adjustment
Once you have selected the correct tone, you can now adjust the intensity of the light by holding down the touch key.

Rechargeable type: Battery type touch switch (with USB charging cable) means that there is a lithium battery inside which can be recharged. After the battery is fully charged, it can be used without plugging in. It can be used for three-tone light, warm light, white light, neutral light, and long press Adjustable brightness
Voltage: ≤36V

Parts List:
1x Table Lamp 1x Manual

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