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Orthopedic Lumbar Support Belt

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Lower back braces and supports are useful immediately after injury as well as during rehab and when returning to function. Orthopedic Posture Corrector Brace Belt Design to Relieving Back Pain.

Orthopedic Lumbar Support Belt Lumbar Disc Herniation Protection Brace Belt Magnetic Therapy Mesh Breathable S M L XL


  • SUPPORT YOUR LOWER BACK: A strong back brace designed with pain relief in mind, this support belt is effective and comfortable.
  • RELIEVE BACK PAIN IN YOUR LUMBAR SPINE: Use this posture corrector brace to reduce pain felt in your lower back while at work and active!
  • ORTHOPEDIC DESIGN TO CORRECT POSTURE: Specifically designed to target your lower back, giving it the support it needs to stay properly aligned.
  • STAY ACTIVE WITH LESS PAIN: Reduce your lower back pain and enjoy activities you love! Velcro design makes it easy to take on and off.
  • A MUST-HAVE FOR EMPLOYEES AT WORK: Support your back with a brace while you work, either standing or sitting!


Brand name: OLIECO

Project Type: Breathable Spine Support Belt

Material: cloth + metal + plastic

Color: black / gray

Size: S / M / L / XL