Light Bulb Wifi Security Camera 360 1080P

Sensor Size: 2MP 32G card
Sale price$64.99


A light bulb WiFi security camera is a type of surveillance camera that is designed to look like a light bulb and is equipped with a WiFi module that allows it to connect to a local network and transmit video and audio data over the internet.

The camera is capable of providing a 360-degree view of the room in which it is installed and can record video in 1080p resolution. This type of camera is often used in homes and businesses as a discreet security solution that can be easily installed in a ceiling light fixture.

What exactly can the Light Bulb Security Camera do?

When choosing a light bulb WiFi security camera, it is important to consider the following factors to ensure that you get the best possible product:

  1. Video quality: Look for a camera that offers high-resolution video recording, such as 1080p or higher.

  2. Field of view: Consider the camera's field of view to ensure that it can cover the entire room or area you want to monitor.

  3. Connectivity: Check that the camera is compatible with your WiFi network and can be easily set up and connected to your smartphone or computer.

  4. Storage: Look for a camera that offers local storage or cloud storage options for recorded video footage.

  5. Security: Ensure that the camera has built-in security features to protect your privacy and prevent unauthorized access to the device or footage.

  6. Power source: Consider the power source of the camera, whether it uses a standard light bulb socket or requires a separate power source, and choose one that suits your needs.

Overall, a light bulb WiFi security camera can be a convenient and effective way to monitor your home or business, but it's important to choose a high-quality camera that meets your specific needs and offers reliable security features.

What Makes It So Special

What makes the Light Bulb Security Camera camera so unique is its ability to use advanced motion tracking to follow anyone or anything it sees for 360°!
Unlike your doorbell camera that can only see in one direction and can't move, this camera moves all around.
And unlike the doorbell cameras, peephole cameras, etc. is that it doesn't require any batteries. It just hooks right in to your standard light bulb socket, syncs to your WiFi, and allows you to record in real time in 360° degrees all around your home, keeping an eye on everything and every one.

How Does It Work?

The company behind the Lightbulb Cam created a sleek design that fits into any lightbulb socket anywhere, with plenty of room to allow the camera to move in all directions while still remaining discreet.
It's really easy to set up. Just:

  • Unpack the Lightbulb Camera.
  • Download the app.
  • Scan the QR code on the camera so it connects to the app.
  • Connect to your WiFi.
  • Then screw in the camera wherever you want to keep an eye on! That's it!