Ice Scraper Snow Removal Car Windshield Window

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  • Weight: 120g
  • Model: car ice scraper, snow shovel
  • Material Type: TPU+ABS
  • Item Width: 15cm
  • Item Weight: 120g
  • Item Type: Ice Scraper
  • Item Length: 15cm
  • Item Height: 35cm
  • Feature 2: TPU Scraper Head
  • Feature 1: Double-side Scraper

Remove Ice & Snow without Damaging Cars
The scraper head is made of thermoplastic polyurethane TPU, with good elasticity, toughness and wear resistance, and the flexible scraper surface does not hurt the glass and paint.

Double-sided Use, Double Efficiency
Both sides of the ice scraper can be used, and the sloping surface fits the curve of cars for higher efficiency.
Sweep the Snow and Break the Ice
You can use this scraper to remove snow, defrost, water and ice.
A 30cm Handle Makes Snow Removal Easier
A short handle limits the operation distance while cleaning, so we set the handle length to 30 cm, which makes it easier to clear snow from far away without making the scraper too heavy.
Solid and Unbreakable Materials
The scraper handle is made of ABS plastic, offering excellent impact resistance, hard and durable. The TPU scraping strip is tough and anti-aging, eco-friendly and wear resistant. So, it has higher overall strength and longer service life.

A Lanyard for Easy Storage
The ice scraper is light and flat, with a leather lanyard at the bottom, which can be hung in the car or put in the trunk. It takes up little space and is easier to store than the trolley type.

Optimized Appearance for Industrial Beauty
Relying on modern industrial aesthetics, atomized spraying process creates a metal texture on this scraper, displaying the beauty of tools instead of a rough and pure design.

Take out the ice scraper and place it horizontally to make it perfectly match the curve of the car body and find the correct point of force to quickly remove snow.

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