Hair-like Authentic Eyebrows

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Want to shape and thicken your eyebrows? Then the 4D Hair-like Authentic Eyebrows is the perfect solution!

These authentic eyebrows are long lasting eyebrow transfers whose unique design is feathered to create a beautiful and natural looking eyebrow in seconds!


It provides a natural dyeing and high-pigmented colors for a more natural effect. These are waterproof and smudge proof, and with proper care can last for up to 7 days or more!



  • FEATHERY HAIR STROKE RESULT. These stick-on browsinstantly transform your look with full and natural Eyebrows on fleek in SECONDS!

  • QUICK AND EASY APPLICATION. No more messy application of gluesor excess ink and powder all over your face. Just dap some water and peel – you’re good to go!
  • LONG LASTING EFFECT. It’s waterproof so it can stay long up to 7 days or more!

  • SAFE FOR YOUR SKIN. These brows cause absolutely no harmto your skin. Stick on and stay gorgeous!
  • FOR VARIOUS FACE SHAPE OR LOOKS. Comes with various shapes and style to fit your face. So whether you have sharp arch or curvy face this is for you!


  • Positions 4D Brows on desired area.
  • Wet the paper side with small amount of water.
  • Peel slowly and DONE


  • 4D Hair-like Authentic Eyebrows

Please be expected 2-4 weeks shipping delay due to High Volume of Order

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