Fresh Vegetable Drain Basket Storage Containers

Color: Coffee
Size: M 20x13.5x11.5cm
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Fresh vegetable drain basket storage containers are a type of kitchen storage solution that is designed to keep vegetables fresh while also providing a convenient way to rinse and drain them.

These containers typically feature a removable basket that is used to hold the vegetables, allowing you to easily rinse them under the faucet or in a sink. The basket is then placed back into the container, which is designed with a series of small holes that allow excess water to drain out, keeping the vegetables fresh and crisp.

In addition to providing a convenient way to rinse and drain vegetables, many of these containers also feature additional storage compartments for storing other kitchen items such as utensils or condiments. This can be especially useful for those with limited counter or storage space, as it allows you to keep all of your kitchen essentials in one place.

When selecting a fresh vegetable drain basket storage container, it's important to consider factors such as the size and capacity of the container, as well as the quality and durability of the materials used. Some models may also feature additional features such as airtight lids or adjustable dividers for customizing the storage compartments.

Overall, a fresh vegetable drain basket storage container can be a great addition to any kitchen, providing a convenient and efficient way to keep vegetables fresh and organized while also making meal prep and cooking easier and more enjoyable.

Lid Design: Closed storage containers keep fresh and dry for kinds of produce, fruits, vegetables and cereal, effectively moisture proof, anti-dust. Specification Material: PET + PP + TPR

Product Size:

  • 4.5L 11.2inch x 7.3inch x 5.9inch
  • 1.7L 7.8inch x 5.2inch x 4.5inch
  • 0.45L 5.5inch x 3.7inch x 3.5inch
  • Applicable Temperature: -32℉~140℉
  • Color: White/Transparent
  • Function: Clean + Drain + Keep Fresh 

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