Flashlight Camping Lantern Fishing Light

Color: White
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A camping lantern fishing light is a portable lighting device designed for outdoor activities such as camping, fishing, and other outdoor activities that require illumination during low-light or nighttime conditions.

These lanterns are typically battery-powered and provide bright, 360-degree illumination, making them ideal for lighting up tents, campsites, and fishing spots. Some models may also feature adjustable brightness levels or the ability to switch between white light and colored lights, making them versatile for a variety of settings and purposes.

Camping lantern fishing lights are often designed to be durable and weather-resistant, with features such as waterproofing and shock resistance to withstand the rigors of outdoor use. They may also come with additional features such as a built-in power bank for charging devices or a hook or strap for easy hanging or carrying.

Overall, a camping lantern fishing light can be an essential tool for any outdoor enthusiast, providing reliable lighting and versatility for a range of activities and environments.


1: Single light source: warm white light 3300K / white light 7500K
2: Brightness adjustment: strong light, medium light, general light, long press flash, four gears can be switched at will, white light presents a bright visual effect!
3: Light source: 60 PCS LED / 30 PCS LED
4: Waterproof: In-depth life waterproof, wind and rain fearless, rainy days can be used!
5: Life: ultra-high brightness, long service life, 30,000 hours
6: Working time: the battery life of the maximum brightness is about 10 hours, and the battery life of the minimum brightness is about 60 hours!
7: Magnetically attractable: dual magnets can be directly attracted to the metal surface! (Including magnet pieces)


Usage: Portable Lantern
Single Working Time After Fully Charged:: More Than 11 Hours Under Strong Light
Power: 60W / 40W
Power Supply: Type-c Charging Interface, Support 2a Fast Charge
Charging Time: 10 Hours (2A Charging)
Body Material: Aluminum
Battery Type: Lithium Metal
Base Type: Wedge
Bare Lamp Weight:: 449G / 346G 280G/
8 Key Words : Outdoor Lighting/LED Lighting/Repair Lights/ Work Light

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