Ergonomic Baby Carrier with Lumbar Support

Color: Dark blue
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A must have for any parent! Make leaving the house a stress free experience thanks to our new ergonomic baby carrier. A comfortable experience for both the carrier and the baby. 

Giving you more options so you can carry your little one whichever way you want to.  It's comfortable and supportive for both you and your baby. It is also adjustable for a perfect fit, whatever your body shape or size.

We found with most baby carriers that even after 20 minutes of use it could cause damage to your babies upper legs due to the pressure of them hanging down with no support. With this in mind we have implemented a detachable platform at the bottom of the carrier which allows your baby to rest comfortably on this, relieving any pressure from their legs. Not only this but this seat/platform also doubles up as storage. Carry your phone, your babies bottle and other essentials all in one carrier.

An ergonomic baby carrier with lumbar support is designed to provide comfort and proper support to both the wearer and the baby. It aims to distribute the weight of the baby evenly, reducing strain on the wearer's back, shoulders, and hips. Lumbar support specifically targets the lower back, which is a common area of discomfort when carrying a baby for an extended period.

  1. Wide, padded shoulder straps: The shoulder straps are usually wider and padded to help distribute the weight of the baby evenly and prevent discomfort on the wearer's shoulders.

  2. Adjustable straps: The carrier typically has adjustable straps that allow for a customized fit. This adjustability ensures that the carrier can be properly positioned on the wearer's body, providing optimal support.

  3. Wide waistband with lumbar support: The carrier will have a wide waistband that wraps around the wearer's


  • Type: Cartoon
  • Material: Polyester
  • Load Bearing: >20kg
  • Feature 1: Hip seat carrier infant
  • Feature 2: Baby kangaroo back carry
  • Feature 3: Sling for newborns
  • Feature 4: Geometric baby carrier
  • Carriers Type: Horizontal
  • Age Range: Maternity

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