Double Head Automatic Dumpling Maker

Color: White
Sale price$39.99


A double head automatic dumpling maker is a type of machine that is designed to automatically produce dumplings. It typically has two separate filling hoppers and forming stations, allowing for the production of two different types of dumplings simultaneously.

The machine works by first feeding the dough and filling separately into the respective hoppers. The machine then kneads the dough and forms it into dumpling wrappers, while simultaneously filling the wrappers with the desired filling. The dumplings are then formed and cut and can be collected at the end of the machine for cooking or further processing.

This type of machine is commonly used in commercial kitchens or food production facilities, where large volumes of dumplings need to be produced quickly and efficiently. It can help to reduce labor costs and increase productivity, while also ensuring consistent and uniform dumpling production.

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