Crystal Ball Large Transparent

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Diameter: 30mm
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▸Why choose us?◂

❤The most complete accessories, more convenient to use crystal ball.
❤The crystal ball is packed in a beautiful box, the best gift for the photographer.
❤Comes with product instructions to help you master the crystal ball faster.
❤Professional sellers in the crystal ball industry, using the best K9 quality.
❤The best quality service, as long as the product has problems, please contact us at any time, we will meet your various reasonable requirements.

▸You can take beautiful photos whether you use a mobile phone or a professional camera.◂
❤1. Point the crystal ball at the distance you want to shoot. The distance between the crystal ball and the crystal ball is wider.
❤2. Blur background, Focus on the crystal ball and adjust the brightness you want.
❤3.Get a picture of the inverted view, you can also reverse the picture, so the scenery inside the crystal ball is justified.

Photography, divination, acrobatic performance, decorative home, Feng Shui ornaments, etc.

▸The gift box includes◂
1* 80MM K9 Crystal ball
1* Clear Stand
1* Product Manual
1* A Special Wiper
1* Crystal Ball Pouch

 About this item
  • BEST GIFT FOR THE PHOTOGAPHER -- Put the world into a ball. A non-destructive, distortion-free, impurity-free crystal photographic ball with a beautiful gift box. The best gift set for photography enthusiasts.
  • WONDERFUL CLARITY BALL -- With the industry's clearest K9 glass material, high purity, no impurities, no bubbles.
  • MORE COMPLETE ACCESSORIES -- The exquisite gift box does not have to worry about the packaging problem of the gift, the velvet bag storage reduces the wear probability of the crystal ball, the wiping cloth keeps the crystal ball clean, and the transparent crystal stand keeps the balance of the crystal ball.
  • BETTER WAY TO GER CREATIVE -- Put the world into a ball, a new way of seeing the world, making more creative ideas for your photos.
  • INTUMATE SERVICE EVERYWHERE -- Feel free to ask the question before buying and contact us for meeting your demands after buying. (We definitely can meet your all reasonable demands) 

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