Cat Scratching Ball Toy

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Cat Scratching Ball Toy Kitten Sisal Rope Ball Board Grinding Paws Toys Cats Scratcher Wear-resistant Pet Furniture supplies
šŸ±Say Goodbye To Scratched FurniturešŸ±
Want to stop your cat from completely shredding your furniture to bits?

If your cat is wreaking havoc on your home furniture then you need a good cat scratcher to encourage your cat not to scratch furniture.Ā 

Here's aĀ totally uniqueĀ cat scratcher that both you and your cat will love! Introducing theĀ Orb Scratcherā„¢. With this scratcher, you canĀ satisfy all your catā€™s scratching urges and prevent any damage to your furniture.

It is the partner that willĀ release your cat's boredomĀ so thatĀ scratching furniture and other things at home will be prevented.

It is anĀ attractive and functionalĀ scratching surface for cats. Made withĀ woven sisal rope wrapped around a sturdy sphere with a wood stand, this scratcherĀ gives kitty plenty of surface to dig her claws into.Ā 

Designed with your cat in mind, theĀ Orb Scratcherā„¢Ā alsoĀ promotes healthy nail growth, toning muscles, and alleviating stress.Ā 

TheĀ Orb Scratcherā„¢Ā is not onlyĀ good for your catā€™s scratching needsĀ ā€“ it will alsoĀ benefit your cat overallĀ as itĀ allows your feline friend to be able toĀ effectively exercise, easily and safelyĀ and stimulate their mind.Ā ThisĀ fun & interactive toyĀ can entertain even the laziest cat.

With theĀ Orb Scratcherā„¢, you can beĀ guaranteed your cat will grow active, and healthy.

Cat Rope Ball Scratcher


šŸ¾Transforms Your Cat's Life (And Yours!)Ā - This quality-made, super cuteĀ scratcher helps prevent the cat from scratching and damaging furniture and other things at home. ThisĀ will also pair perfectly in every room of your house.Ā 

šŸ¾Sustainable FunĀ - TheĀ Orb Scratcherā„¢Ā provides hours of interactive fun to your feline pet. It keeps the cat away from boredom and keeps your furry friend having fun all day long.

šŸ¾Perfect EntertainmentĀ - durable woven sisal rope made to stand the toughest claw, paw and scratches. No flimsy fabric or chenille.Ā 

šŸ¾Stable ScratcherĀ -Ā The wooden base and the fact that the scratching posts are securely fixed on both ends allow the structure to be stable when your cat uses it for its nails.

šŸ¾Healthy & Happy Feline FriendĀ - TheĀ Orb Scratcherā„¢Ā encourages activity to help improve physical and mental health.Ā 

Cat Rope Ball Scratcher

Orb Scratcherā„¢ Specifications:

  • Material:Ā Sisal Rope + Wood
  • Size:Ā 

Orb Scratcherā„¢ PRO Specifications:

  • Material:Ā Woven Sisal Rope & Wood
  • Size:


Package Includes:

  • 1 x Orb Scratcher


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