Electric Car Off-road Radio-Controlled Toy

Sale price$99.99


  • Type: Car
  • State of Assembly: Ready-to-Go
  • Remote Control: Yes
  • Recommend Age: 12+y
  • Package Includes: Remote Controller
  • Package Includes: USB Cable
  • Package Includes: Batteries
  • Material: Plastic
  • Features: Remote Control
  • Design: Dirt Bike
  • Control Channels: 4 Channels
  • Charging Voltage: 3.7V
The perfect four-wheel drive remote control toy is a must-have gift for birthdays or any holiday. [Large remote control and speeding control car] 1:14 ratio remote control off-road rock crawler, 4-wheel drive remote control car is equipped with high-quality metal shell, dual motor power can climb 45 °, very suitable for indoor/outdoor climbing objects, simulated driving The cabin will bring more realistic cars and a better off-road experience. This is the best choice for any level of monster remote control truck lovers.
[Longer service life] All four wheels are equipped with anti-skid tires and shock absorbers, which can provide support for accidental drops and unstable ground. The front of the body is equipped with an anti-collision car bumper, which can effectively protect the body and the frame. No matter the body accelerates on a wide field, collides in a narrow terrain or rolls over, the body will not be damaged.
[Non-interference performance] The remote control car has a wireless control system with an operating frequency of 2.4 GHz. It can provide a stable signal and has a non-interference function, which can play multiple users at the same time
[Rechargeable batteries] The remote control truck is equipped with 3.7V 1200 mAh batteries, providing game time and more fun. Automatic power-off protection. It will automatically disconnect the power to protect the battery. The USB charging cable provides great convenience for remote control car charging.
[Excellent adaptability] You can easily control various terrains, such as flat grass, muddy roads, loose sand, etc. In addition, two or more remote-controlled cars can race together without long-range chaos. You will experience great strength and speed. The perfect four-wheel drive remote control toy is a must-have gift for birthdays or any holiday.

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