Hoops Abdominal Thin Waist Exercise

Color: Pink
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  • Waist circumference: Less than 130cm
  • Type of sports: Muscle Relaxation
  • Training Site: Waist
  • Training Site: Waist & Abdomen Exercise
  • Training Site: Hip
  • Style 2: Fitness Ring
  • Style 1: Weighted Sport Hoop
  • Small ball size: 11*7*7cm
  • Size: Maximum diameter: 45cm
  • Material: ABS
  • Function: Thin waist/shaping body curve
  • Feature: 24 section suits for waist is less than 130cm
  • Department Name: WOMEN

Product Features
  • Upgrade Design: Smart sport weighted hoop is Made of hard ABS plastic to prevent equipment aging. Different from the normal fitness ring, the user can change the number of weight-bearing blocks in the weight ball according to their own bearing capacity, and thus change their exercise. Also It is combined with 24 knots adjustable to fit your waistline and keep it not falling when using it, so the beginner can use it too.

  • 2 in 1 Fitness & Massage: These smart fitness circles can not only burn body fat quickly to help you achieve your ideal figure(Fat burning faster 2-3 times than the normal hole hoop for its fitting size). Also, they can massage your waist well to help you relax after long sitting working.
  • Detachable & Easy to Use: Consisting of 24 detachable parts, they are easily detached with a simple push of a button, making it easy to store. The weighted and waistline for exercise can be adjusted to fits your needs. the soft fitness ring will not fall off, so it is a good helper for beginner who are not practiced at playing fitness ring. This smart fitness circle is suitable for all skill levels from beginners to professionals.

  • Effective Fat Burning: we professionally advice you exercise 30 minutes per day for 5 days a week, then you can burn up to 800 calories each time!

  • Wide Application & Attentions: Almost suitable for all adults and kids but not the elderly or baby. Suitable for people who need to lose weight/abdominal fat/mothers/office workers/students. Before exercising, ensure the weighted hoop linking done and wear the close-fitting clothes; When exercising, pay attention to the swing range of the weight ball to avoid hitting others or the furniture. At the same time, don't be too heavy when it is used for the first time

Product specifications Color: Pink/Purple Maximum diameter: 45cm Small ball size:11*7*7cm; rope length: 11cm 24 section suit for waist is less than 130cm


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